Bring all the Call List subtleties of any SIM to PDF record size with only one application!!

I hope all of you are well.  Today, I have appeared with you in a new Interactive Tutorial. Today’s tutorial will show you how to remove all call details of a SIM through a single app.

Interested right?

 For your kind information, I would like to say one more thing that there is absolutely no possibility of privacy theft in this app.  And we all know that the apps on the Play Store are always kept with full security, so there is absolutely no possibility of personal information being stolen.

So let’s not start talking

 The first thing you need to do is go to the Play Store and search the Google Play Store with the text in the screenshot below.
After searching, you can see that an interface like the one below has been installed and there is an option to install the app by clicking on the install option and install the app.  A fairly affordable app means far less MB.
So once the app is installed from the Google Play Store, the interface of your app will show just like on your mobile.
After entering the app first you need to fix the privacy policy according to the screenshot below.
Here you have to set the date from which you want to know all the call list of the specified SIM from the date you want.  After setting the date, you need to give the PDF file the name you want to save.  After giving the date and name you have to click on Export option like the following screenshot.
Allow the permissions you want.

Now you go to your file manager and see that a folder named app has been created.  Click on it in your file manager (never go to SD card without phone memory, looking for SD card but will not find this folder).

Now, after clicking on the desired folder from the phone memory, you will see that your PDF file is ready.  Click below to create a PDF file that contains all the information practically all the information you have given from date to date.
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