Gallstones: When to perform surgery?

Surgery is needed to treat gallstones.  But when it is done, NTV regularly talks about the health program every day in the 5th episode of the program.  Md.  Akram Hossain.  He currently serves as Senior Counselor in the Department of Surgery at BRB Hospital.

Question : What do patients actually do in the early stages?

Answer: Then the patient is extremely ill, especially in his stomach, right side pain.  The pain can spread to the right shoulder and back.  At first, the amount of pain is very high.  Then suddenly there may be a lot of vomiting.  Food may lose interest and occasionally cause fever.  On the right side of the abdomen on the right side he may not give a hand, there is severe pain.

Question : What do you do to the patient then?

Answer: Every patient is then verified in the same way.  At first he underwent some tests, called clinical examinations.  Whether he has high blood pressure, whether he has jaundice or not.  Where is the pain known.  There may be pain in various places of the abdomen.  In the case of gallstones, pain is on the upper right side.  If this is suspected, he is given first aid.

 If he is suffering from acute pain, he is given painkillers.  An injection of painkillers is given.  He was told not to eat for some time.  Saline is to be given.

Question : When do you suggest surgery?

 Answer: If gallstones are muted, there are many people who do not have pain, it is not necessary to have surgery.  May be a little late.  He may undergo surgery at a time depending on his or her benefit.  For those who have complications, surgery is advised quickly.

 Question : What are the complications?

 Answer: When there is inflammation, there is an emergency.  Another condition may be that the gallbladder is full.  It is then called empyema cysts.  It may be that the pituitary is gone, only the mucin cysts of the mucin are read.  By this time, Peter had slowly gone to the liver.  The patient is advised to have surgery if such complications occur.

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