Suicide due to depression: What is the doas?

Depression is a prevalent problem in the present.  If you are upset for a long time without a specific cause, it is called depression.  Sleep problems, lack of interest in work, feeling worthless, etc. are symptoms of depression.  Depression is the critical stage, the tendency for suicide.

Psychologist Rosina Begum has talked about how to prevent suicide due to depression.  He is currently working as a consultant in the Department of Psychiatry at BRB Hospital.  Interview was aired on the 8th episode of NTV’s regularly organized Health Daily program.

Question: What does depression really mean?

 Answer: Depression is a very common disease.  That’s the name we all hear about.  When a person feels very bad, is not interested in any work activities, does not get any energy, does not need food or is reduced, sleep is increased or decreased, he feels worthless, lowers confidence, lowers attention, and most of all.  What is important is that the thought of suicide revolves around these symptoms – if these symptoms last for up to two weeks, then we call it depression.

 Question: Many times we are made to feel bad, not good.  So what’s the difference with depression?

 Answer: We cannot really separate the depression mood or the depression.  Depressive mood is a symptom that can be very short-lived, short-lived.  In one of the incidents, I was upset, I could go shopping, I could not go, I was upset, but later, when I left, my mind was good at that.  So depression is what we call it when it’s a disease.  I have mentioned some signs before.  There will be sleep problems, lack of interest in working, eating habits can change, I feel worthless and death will come.  These problems will last up to two weeks.  We call it sadness.  And it’s a disease.

 Question: When is it necessary to go to the doctor?

 Answer: It must be noticed by family members.  Family members may have noticed that the person was very uptight, a sudden change.  Nothing looks good to him.  Speaking of words, he wants to die.  Showing the mood  But at this point we want to spend it with simple advice.  Maybe people in the family say they’ll be fine, it’s nothing.  Get a little sleep or a little turn around will be fine.  We say this because we don’t really have the proper knowledge about the disease.

 If we know what depression is – it’s a disease, not a common disorder, we will help it.  If you find out later that your problem is not supported, then you should seek the help of a counselor.  If not, then the thought of suicide comes from the person.  As it turns out, it can be successful.

 Question: Where is depression related to suicide?

 Answer: Where is the worst of depression?  That is suicide.  Why do we give depression so much importance?  Because, you are in depression, not working.  Okay, I got it.  But more than that, his thoughts of suicide are always coming, for a time but his life is about to end.  So it cannot be ignored at all.

 Question: When patients come with depression, what do you do initially?  What is the initial advice?

 Answer: Let me say a little before, in fact, family members finally realize that he / she has a problem.  When other therapists do not work, it is seen, coming to us, we are talking to him later and the symptoms can tell why he does not like anything.  Then we try to figure out his problem and we give him an idea of ​​the disease.  Since it is a disease and a curable disease, if treated, he will become the same and he will regain himself as he is now or better than ever.

 Question: Is it necessary to determine what caused the depression?

 Answer: Of course.  When we treat, through psychotherapy or talk therapy, we have to find out what causes depression, where this problem started.  Our life does not go very naturally, it is life with ups and downs.  So those who suffer from depression, we have to think, in some place he is feeling bad, in a place where he can no longer hold himself, we determine by taking history.  We have been going from childhood to the present.  We try to find out where he is interrupting, what kind of relationship he has, whether there is a problem, then whether the loved one is dead or there is any disappointment.  With therapeutic knowledge, we determine where the cause is.

 Question: How do you bring patients back into good health through talking or psychotherapy?

 A: Before that, I would like to say that this year, our World Mental Health Day was also the epitome of depression and suicide.  So this is a global problem.

 We can help a depressed patient initially by speaking up.  What do you do initially?  You talk to people, friends, family, people around you.  When you talk to him, he is talking about his inner troubles.  Just by talking.  It may not be scientifically based, but a lot of work is done just because of focus.  Don’t let him fly.  Help him by not saying these things.  It is seen through these, that his instability decreases, he gets support.  At one point he would say ‘I want to die’.  It may be easier to bring him back then.  But the man next door is understanding how he needs help.

 Question: Are there any medications or medications needed for patients with depression?

 Answer: Yes, of course medicine has a big role.  According to the WHO, we can treat depression, either through psychotherapy or talk therapy, or through anti-depressants, or two together.  A treatment can be done in combination with both.

 Question: Depression is a major cause of suicidal tendencies.  So what to do to prevent depression?

 Answer: The person is part of a family.  If we can help the family relationship, have communication, have quality time, then benefit.  They are one of the major causes of mental well-being.  Many mental disorders are reduced.  Improving our family bonding, giving children time, appreciating, giving them time, taking them out on vacation or arranging some indoor games in the house, listening to them carefully.

 Children need time, just as they need time.  When a child is growing up in a family, watching parents like that, they too are not well.  The family bond has to be strengthened.

 Question: Once he recovers from the tendency to commit suicide, can he return to it again or can he come back after treating depression?

 Answer: If I have a cold – once cold, if I am good with treatment, again, but it can be the same disease.  Just like that, so is the disease of the mind.  Once I am well again, the path to life, the pain, the agony, the agony, the feeling that I can no longer take, and the depression again.  That could be it.

 Not only do we bring people out of depression in psychotherapy or talk therapy, but we also train how to get yourself out of depression if you get depressed again.  Basically, we have a place to educate ourselves.  Increase the power of the mind.  If she does not, then she can contact us again.

 Family therapy is very important here.  Awareness of family is also part of our treatment.  We tell them, it’s a disease.  Don’t neglect it.  We tell people in the family, ‘You should never take it lightly’.  If a member of your family is depressed, give importance to her, talk to her.  Get professional help when needed.

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