What is the danger of drinking too much coffee ??

Coffee is a very popular beverage.  The drink is unique in order to quickly improve mood.  Many people start the day without drinking coffee.  Get moderate amount of coffee is healthy.  It improves the health of the liver, fights free radicals, lowers the risk of heart disease.  However, becoming more addicted to coffee also creates various problems.  Health website Top Ten Home Remedy reported the various disadvantages of drinking extra coffee.

Leads to cholesterol

Bad coffee increases cholesterol if coffee is unrefined.  Crude coffee includes Caffeostol and Kahiol.  These are cholesterol boosting ingredients.

 According to a report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology on May 25, researchers have found a correlation between increased coffee with LDL (harmful cholesterol).

Damages the kidneys

Due to the diuretic nature of coffee, it puts more pressure on the kidneys.  It disrupts normal kidney function.  And therefore, drinking extra coffee in the long run causes permanent damage to the kidneys.

Sleep problems

Drinking extra coffee creates sleep problems.  According to a report from Clinical Sleep Medicine on May 25, six hours before bedtime, drinking coffee causes sleep problems.  Therefore, experts recommend avoiding coffee in the afternoon or at night for better sleep.

Increases anxiety

Drinking coffee improves mood.  However, drinking extra coffee can create anxiety and panic attacks.  Drinking too much coffee causes it to become addictive, and when it is stopped, the withdrawal symptoms (symptomatic withdrawal) appear.  It causes nervous pressure and increases anxiety.

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